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How's My Driving?

No, seriously. Leave me a message here if you have any critique whatsoever. It'll be appreciated!

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Two [Video / Action for anyone near the Dark Cave] [Backdated to around 6am on the 23rd]
> Ow
[The feed flickers on and off a few times as Yukiko tries to use it as a light in the cave. Her Vulpix is down by her feet for once, and she's rather glad she bought winter clothing while in Cherrygrove. All the walking has taken it out of her and she needed somewhere to rest, but even with the sleeping bag in her starter pack, it is far too cold.

She's slipped a few times too, so she has a few bruises here and there, as well as a few small cuts. Clearly, Yukiko + snow/ice = bad combination.]

Are you sure this is the right way, Agi?

[Her feed flickers on again as she goes a little further into the cave, only for her to gasp as something ends up latching onto her leg to stop her going further. There's no way Agi can do that, which is why people watching the feed will see a new Pokemon by her foot - a Teddiursa. It seems far too timid to normally do this though, which is why Yukiko slowly leans down to pet the poor thing, until her Vulpix shrieks and it turns out lots of Zubat decide they don't like the light from the 'Gear showing and are zooming around pretty angrily.

So, within a second it all clicks off, just as Vulpix uses Ember on them, so viewers are likely to get a quick view of how injured the poor girl is. Oops.]

One. [Video / Action for anyone at New Bark : Backdated to the 13th]
> Averted
[Yukiko has just heard the talk about where they are and what is going on, and is now sat in New Bark looking a little put out. She's still holding onto her Vulpix, especially as the little fox Pokémon seems to be warm, though she also has her backpack at her feet and her Pokégear in her hands. Today was turning out to be a pretty bad day.

After a few clicks and a little static, her feed starts up without her realising, mainly because Vulpix is kind of nudging it with her nose.

When she's first shown, her eyes are averted to the side and she's frowning.]

What's with this music? You'd really think they'd choose something better to play as an introduction. [She sighs for a moment, already missing her friends and the Inn and just everything. At least with the Television world they could leave if Teddie was with them.

Thinking about all that wasn't helping either, which is partly why she looks annoyed for a moment too, at least until Vulpix hops off her lap to start digging through her bag, holding the map in it's mouth.]

Oh! [Ah, there's a surprise, she has a map.] Is this of where we are? [Such a clever fox, though that just reminds her of the one that had followed Souji to their meetings and had joined the team too...

Today, was really not a good day. But she could at least get started!

Nonetheless, the screen is going to just show the sky now as she puts the Pokégear aside, unaware that it was even switched on.]


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